Monday, March 19, 2012

Accident Photograph.

This accident happened when I was studying in 8th STD. My family, which includes my father, mother, sister and me, we all were going to visit my aunt in our new car Maruti Alto. It was raining heavily, the whole city was getting wet faster than it normally does. Our car's windshield wiper's were pushing the rainwater falling on the windshield very rapidly, it seemed as if they were angry on the rainwater for blocking my father's vision. I was sitting at the back watching the wet city.
My father's, Nokia 6600 mobile was lying beside me on the seat. In those days, mobiles with camera were new and my father's mobile also had a camera in it, a vga camera. I took the 6600 and thought of taking some snaps of the road, vehicles, trees, clouds ( well clouds with a vga camera..hahaha). I clicked many photographs all along the way - even clouds!.
At one place, where our car had been stopped by Mr. Traffic signal, I saw a coconut tree beside a house with a chimney at the top. The sunlight was making it look good. I thought of taking a snap of it but Mr.Traffic signal showed green and our car started moving. I still took that shot even after our car started moving, I knew that the photo would be very shaky and I cursed Mr.Traffic signal for showing " green ". I then opened the gallery in mobile to check the photo. To my surprise that was a good photo, actually a very awesome photograph for me at the time.The photo had some very cool lighting and there was another surprise element added to the composition - two small human like figures. This amazed me, and i was feeling very good and I thought i could be a very good photographer...haha  yea.. ryt after taking a photo which came good by accident.
Then I showed it to my mother, father and sister saying "see...such a good photo it is..its so awesome" , i alone was praising my photo. That whole day and next few days I watched that photo a lot of times and felt great.
Anyways, that photograph arouse the interest in me about photography and  I am glad that accident photograph happened. Thanks to Mr.Traffic signal for causing the accident and my fathers NOKIA 6600 for capturing the accident.

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